We are:
"Killer Joe" Ferraro
- Lead Vocals, Harps, Madness, Security
Pat "THE BATMAN" Ruhlman -
Bass, Vocals, Keyboards
Dangerous Dan"DANNO" Doll -
Arno "Cool Ray" Hecht of the Uptown Horns - Lethal Sax
Joey "The Tornado" Halama - Horns, Enfamil, Vocals
"Iron Mike" Pannerello
- "Killer Horns"
Frank "FrankieBass" Minolfo -
Bass, Vocals
Ralphie "Boom-Boom" Santiago -
Joe"The Big Kahuna" Genossa - Hammond B
Jo-Jo "The party on wheels" Posillico -

Eric "Little Brother" Doll - Killer Alto Sax

*** Lido Soul Alumni ***

Tommy "T-Bone" Mezzapella - Telecasters, Vocals
Jimmy "Cement Shoes" Gallagher" -
Lightnin' Steve" Sclafani -
Drums, Square Dancing
Stevie "Sidepipes" Sarro -
Anthony "Tony Hands" Cerebino-
Drums & Acupuncture
"Diamond" Dave Giacono -
Drums, Doritos
Johnny "The Evil Twin" Gallagher -
Fran "Eye Candy" Manez - Vocals, Levis
Pete "Youngblood" Albertelli -
Bass, Vocals, Newlywed
Jeff "Lawd Have Mercy" Sheloff - Horns, Vocals
Val "Cool 'n Easy" Valentino - Trumpet, Paper Bag Veteran
Lenny "Rico Royale" LaPinta -
Horns, Paper Bag Theme
Dave "Vegas Gold" Kolker -
Horns, Vocals, Slots
Barry "Cuda" Titone -
Horns, Vocals, Cool Moves
Ron Fox -
Horns, while relaxing at the bar. Paperbag Member
Mark Mancini of Cadillac Moon -
Keyboards, Smiles
Tommy "Keys"" Lippus -
The "Blues Piano Man"
Phil "Philly K" Kenalty -
Keyboards, Vocals, Sunglasses